VCrypt Systems

VCrypt an acronym for virtual Cryptography is innovative and unique security software!!

Vcrypt an acronym for virtual Cryptography is innovative and unique security software which uses the cryptographic technique creating a virtual vault to secure data and application across multiple platforms using various parametric options. VCrypt runs an algorithm which encrypts data in a fashion so that decryption is done virtually via sight-reading ( at run-time)
Vcrypt allows enterprises/individuals/home users to implement multiple security policies on different vendor applications data. The software allows users to create chains of options to restrict the data/application as desired. The software finds its application in the following arena:

  • For own self: Secure data/application by users for their own self.
  • For Reselling: Users who want to sell the data with copyright restrictions.


  • Install and Run: Easy to use and run the software with just a click.
  • Non-Dependent on Application Source Code: Works directly within the run-time process area, so there is no requirement of host application source code.
  • Auth Keys: Provides Universal (for non-commercial uses)/Hardware/Soft License key.
  • Creates own “Crypto Key”:Ability to create in-house encryption mechanism & security policies making it hack proof.

VCrypt is a complete holistic security suite which can bring breakthrough in data security by providing a hack-proof mechanism.