VCrypt I-sec universal key

VCrypt Universal soft license key is free for non-commercial uses. Universal key already integrated within VCrypt X-Encryptor & Application launcher tool. User can encrypt data with universal key and apply Two-Way Authentication to enhance the security level and share data to other users.

Two Way Auth

Access Control to known receivers

Remote Access Control

Access Control to unknown receivers

If the Sender wants to share encrypted data with known/unknown receivers, then he can enable authentications for Two-way Auth/Remote Access. Under this, the Sender needs to select the types of authentications which need to be verified by known/unknown receiver in order to access the shared encrypted data.
The Following applicable Two-way Auth/Remote authentication keys-

User defined restrictions apply with universal key

Authorization Key access code

In case two files to be shared are having the same batch id & package id, authorization key access code is used to differentiate between them it's always unique. User will be able to access data with written authorization key access code in a file & same code exists in Softkey.

Group ID

Group ID provides a common code among different encrypted files. A user can group the individual's file based on assigned group-id.

Area Code

Client needs to define the physical Area code where the hardware will be delivered to its licensed user.

Sub-Dealer Code

Sub-Dealer denotes the dealer id(s) in a specific area code, the Area code can contain multiple sub-dealers.

Owner Name

Name of the person who holds the hardware/Soft license.

Select ID(s)

List of features to be given in Application/Software, the user can select the feature(s) to be given in license key.

Key Last Configuration Date

Refers to the date/time when the license was configured for the last time. The client can set/reset this date along with time.

Batch ID

Batch & packages provide the unique combined encryption key for data encryption. Universal key support only single Batch/Package-ID. Multiple Batches/Packages can be created by the client for the same ID/Account. The user configures a single batch with single package in the universal license key. .

Geo-location Box

It refers to the geographical location of a particular hardware/soft license key where it will be accessible. The client can select the latitude-longitude values from the map and enter them here to set the geo-location for selected hardware

Install Package

Batch & package provide the unique combined encryption key for data encryption.The user configures a single batch with single package in the universal license key.