Cloud based configuration

We can do following activities using VCrypt cloud technology

Remote update

Client can remotely update their dongle features like batch code/Geo-location, rental mode and enable/disable key etc

Track customer

Client can track their customers by Geo-location, last login date/time,
IP address etc.


User can create and access desired report from anywhere, anytime
& any device.

Advantages of VCrypt Cloud based configuration


When you’re on the go you can rely on the cloud to provide access to modify and save files & central configurations of keys from any device in any location.

Data Security

Storing files and important data via the cloud can be safer than traditional means like on your phone or computer. There are often many, many layers that go into cloud computing security so that the best cloud service providers can offer infrastructure that is fully redundant and highly available.

Software Updates

With the cloud, it is the job of the cloud service provider to responsibly manage aspects of maintenance and software updates without you having to worry.

Emergency Data Backup & Recovery

One of the great advantages of being in the cloud is the ability to generate automatic backups/snapshots. Thus, this can be extremely useful when it comes to disaster recovery. This is deeply tied into what’s offered through cloud security. In an event you lose your files, you can have a backup and recovery solution running in the background, ready to be reverted back to in case of data loss or security breach. This allows you to securely restore all of your secured data and make sure your protected storage stays protected. When it comes to cloud computing for small to medium business this is one of the most important factors to consider.