What is VCrypt License Manager?

This is a license management software created for Hardware Keys also called a ‘dongle’. These devices are copy protected devices that plug into the USB port on your computer. When starting up this kind of device, the application software looks for the key and only runs it if the appropriate code is available. VCrypt license manager software acts as a link between VCrypt hardware locks and devices. This program allows you to manage and control how the VCrypt interacts with different software licenses, and also lets you control the permissions involved with them.

Benefits of Using VCrypt License Manager

VCrypt License Manager has a range of features both, hardware-based and software based, that are beneficial for successfully managing your software licenses

VCrypt also features the following capabilities

  • It can tie licenses to specific Virtual Machines (VM), thus providing license protection in virtual environments
  • Feature-wise flexibility: Enable or disable product features based on the user’s needs and budget.
  • Charge users for the number of sessions or the number of features they used.
  • Enables end users to subscribe to a software tool for a specific time period
  • Create complex licenses models to best suit business needs.

Hardware based

Strongest protection of your software license

The correct functionality of the software depends on the presence of the VCrypt key, which is virtually tamper-proof. This means that only authorized users will be able to access that software license.

Offline activation

No internet connection required to activate the software license.

100% enforcement of license terms

With all license details stored within the VCrypt key, the license terms of the software are completely protected.


The software can be used on any machine or device to which the VCrypt key is connected.

Software based

Strongest protection of your software license

When protecting with a hardware key is prohibited, this offers strong software-based copy protection.

Instant activation

All end-users will be able to download the software and immediately start using the fully-licensed set of features.

Gather end user details

Software often allows you to optionally gather end-user data for further market research purposes.

Manage locations

Easily manage the locations and devices that your software licenses are being used on.

Monitoring usage and costs

This kind of software can help you discover where software is being used in your business and where it is not necessary. This will help you identify needs and costs so you can manage software licenses in the best way for your business and reduce wasted funds.