Private & Government Sector (Data Piracy)

India has witnessed a major digital revolution across the country on all platforms in the past decade. The country is now second to China with more than 450 million internet users with a growth rate of 7 to 8%. It is gradually on the path to becoming a digital economy which offers a large market opportunity for players across the globe. With such a massive data revolution, the safety and security regarding use of personal data has become a point of major concern. Almost every single activity performed by an individual involves some kind of data transactions whether you are booking a cab from Uber or Ola or ordering food from Swiggy or Food Panda and so on. With the virtual world slowly transforming into a reality of the present, data protection has become a vital necessity.

The Government of India has intervened at the right time and a committee has been formed to look into the various issues regarding data protection and also constitute a Data Protection Bill which is under process.

Important Features Regarding Data Protection in India

The rules and regulations regarding data protection have to be based on some prime principals. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  • The law must be flexible enough to suit the ever changing technologies.
  • It should be applicable to both government and private sectors except for some legitimate situations.
  • There should be a genuine consent taken for personal information used and stored.
  • A data minimization policy is very necessary. Only information which is required for a particular purpose should be obtained.
  • There has to be a proper accountability for the data controller for processing and use of information.
  • The rules and regulations should be structured and backed by a statutory authority with the final say in the matter.
  • The penalties for violators should be such that those wrongful acts are not repeated in the future.

Combining all of the above principles, a white draft paper has been created. Now public opinions are being sought as to what should be in the final rule book regarding data piracy and protection. Public discussions are held across all big cities and metros and keeping in mind the results from all this, a comprehensive law would be passed in the country.

Data Piracy Challenges faced by Government & Pvt. Sector

Companies across the country are facing severe data piracy issues. With the business entities fully based on virtual information, they are also willing to pay whatever it takes for access to some extra data. Data can be categorized into two types; one is which the consumers provide knowingly and the other one is which is gathered by different companies based on the different activities on the internet by an individual. So the question which arises now is that who the owner of all these valuable information is! The situation gets even more complicated with the government also demanding vital information from the people, for example the Aadhar Card which has now become mandatory for every citizen to have access to any kind of government services. The private entities are also storing and using a lot of personal information for their own benefits.

With access to such sensitive data in their hands, it is really essential for business entities across all sectors to be careful about protection and securing this valuable information against piracy. Any kind of negligence can impact the right to individual privacy, decision making capacity and also poses a threat to national security. As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, the data collected, processed and used by a corporate body in India has to be within the rules and regulations of the law.

Many a times it happens that a company comes under the radar because of data piracy and theft by some hackers and miscreants. But as a responsible market player, proper care should be taken to secure and protect the company data right from the very start. With the soon to be implemented government bill regarding data protection and security, it has become a pre requisite for the enterprises to revamp their policies related to protection and procession of information. Timely redesigning of the IT infrastructure of the companies will be cost effective and also easy to implement.

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