VCrypt I-Sec Hardware license key

Hardware license key

It works on individual PC & is specific to the software(s) also which is configured in the license key. It's not bound to a particular PC.

H/W Key Pros

  • PC based will work for individual PC
  • Advantages are the portability, as well as the access to easy licensing for integrator and support technicians who may need to move from location to location to offer support on the go.
  • Another benefit of the H/W key is that if your machine goes down, you can easily remove the H/W key and put it into the other machine.
  • H/W keys can be updated remotely using the built-in Remote Management tool

H/W key Cons

H/W keys can be damaged or lost.

Restrictions Apply With H/W Key

This section defines the number of times & ways in which hardware key can be plugged into/unplugged from the user's system after purchasing a hardware license.

Run Count

It refers to the maximum number of times the hardware key has been launched the application. These values can be updated remotely.

H/W Start/End Date-Time

When this option is selected, then the client can restrict the H/W to work within a selected duration by entering the required values for Date & Time. The user won't be able to access the application if H/W is read earlier than the Start Date or after the End Date. These values can be updated remotely.

Offline Count

It refers to the number of times the hardware key has been plugged in to open the application when the user doesn't have internet access. The client needs to enter the Maximum count to use the hardware key without internet access.
By default, the value is 0. Every time the user opens the application without the internet, the current count will get incremented by 1. H/W key blocked automatically when the current offline count exceeds Maximum offline count. These values can be updated remotely.

Key Unplugged

Client can set the duration(in seconds) for the system to detect the hardware key for VCrypt application. Following settings are required under this section

H/W Detection Cycle

Shows for how long the application will run without the hardware being plugged in. The client can set the duration by entering the required value in seconds.

Error Message

When Hardware is not Attached/Found, the required error message will be displayed. The client can select/set the Error message here.

H/W Activation

Hardware key needs to be activated before it is used for the first time. The client needs to select a suitable option to activate the H/W key. At the user's end, Hardware activation requires internet access.

Auth Key Verified Date

For internal use. It checks if Server Date is in sync with System Date. The client can also change the settings.