Research & Education

Importance of Research

There are many types of research and a myriad of subjects on which these researches are conducted. Different researchers have different views and opinions which are based on their own belief systems analyzed scientifically. The research experts collect data over a period of time following a strict guideline. In the present days, this work is conducted by sophisticated computer software packages which have made the process quite easy and convenient in comparison. The results of these researches are equally important because they have a direct impact on the field for which the study is going on. Crucial decisions are taken on the basis of these analyses. The research field is so vast because every sector has their own exclusive study going on; education, health, medicines, transport development, governance and so on.

These case studies are very important to the society as a whole. They provide major information about educational systems, disease trends, effectiveness of treatments, and so on. Here are some of the primary points related to importance of research of any kind.

• Research study is very helpful in providing insights into whether the present system is working efficiently.
• The outcomes of the researches help in taking major decisions.
• It also aids in determining whether the decisions taken are being implemented successfully.

Although research plays such a major role, there are not enough measures taken to ensure for its safety. This is the reason that many a times it is observed that some important data gets leaked ruining the hard work of the people involved. Nowadays, all the information is stored in the computer which makes it more vulnerable in the hands of the hackers and miscreants. The research data is an essential part of any company’s growth and progress. The management takes major decisions based on these research studies and the employees work towards attaining those goals. For this reason alone, it should be among the top priority for any company to protect its valuable data.

Online Education & the Risks Involved

In this virtual world where practically everything is happening online, how can education be left behind! Starting from self learning apps for young kids to other digital learning tools for the adults, imparting education has truly become technically advanced in the present days. From being limited to the classrooms, it has now made a place in the pockets of individuals wanting to learn something extra. These educational apps are a great opportunity for students where they get to learn through interactive and innovative teaching methods. There are many such apps which have come up in recent years like BYJU’S, Meritnation, Extra Marks and TED to name a few. These companies are offering learning contents for almost every subject, class and competitive exams making them very popular amongst students, teachers and parents as well.

The tremendous response from the consumers has also made these companies fairly successful in a short span of time. The online content provided by the apps plays a prime role in the success of these educational institutions. Companies have to spend a large fortune to create the study materials through years of research involving a huge network of team members from various fields. But these data are again susceptible to being leaked on YouTube and therefore becomes a major hindrance to the growth and development of the business. Protecting this precious information against leakage and copying has become a major point of concern for these educational providers.

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