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Vcrypt an acronym for virtual Cryptology is innovative and unique security software, which uses the cryptographic technique creating a virtual vault to secure data and application across multiple platforms using various parametric options. Vcrypt allows enterprises to implement multiple security policies on different vendor applications data. The software allows users to create chains of options to restrict the data/application as desired.

The software finds its application in the following arena:
● For own self: Securing data/application by users for their own self.
● For Reselling: Users who want to sell the data with copyright restrictions.

In the digital age, easy accessibility to information has become a necessity and hence for the protecting data security has become a prime concern for all business houses. VCrypt Systems is working towards serving this concern only with its varied range of solutions like Protection API(s), different types of license keys, wide range of X- Encryptors, Two-Way Authentication, Remote Access Control, Biometrics, Application Enveloper etc.

We introduced One Technology Concept for all Windows application data enhanced the security level by introduce 14 different types two-way authentication. Developed Application enveloper for protecting any type of Windows application without source code.

The motive behind owning a license to avoid the software/data from being copied shared or illegally used by non-license users thus increase the revenue. A user can use any of the three license types available for Vcrypt software namely

• Universal soft license key
• Software license key
• Dongle H/W license key

X-Encryptor tool protects your data by allowing user to select any Windows file format, encrypt it, add Authentication keys & send it to the intended receiver. In addition, by adding 2-way authentication, you can add many layers of security to your highly sensitive data & make it immune to brute force attacks. It makes life difficult for the hackers to decode such data

Advance runtime crytography virtual machine

We at VCrypt Systems is providing sales support and digital marketing especially custom designed for different enterprises to fuel their growth and success VCrypt Systems has developed top notch quality software which will not only secure your important data but will also help in promoting and advertising of your brand.

• User can create own in-house data encryption algorithm to protect any application data
• User can modify encryption mechanism.
• Customized security policies, so data will be more secure
• User can provide a restricted running environment, so data can be accessed only in an authorized way

● Adding Open authorization keys
● Adding 2 way authentications
● Restricting file types for applications
● Defining the Networks, PCs on which docs will open

If the Sender wants to share encrypted data with unknown receivers, then he can enable authentications for remote access. Under this, the Sender needs to select the types of authentications, which need to be verified by unknown receiver in order to access the shared encrypted data.

Allows the user to define two-way authentications to add an extra layer of security to the encrypted data. Various types of Two-way authentications as available. We introduced One Technology Concept for all Windows application data enhanced the security level by introduce 14 different types two-way authentication.

We support all types of version of windows operating system support

VCrypt is a complete holistic security suite, which can bring breakthrough in data security by providing a hack proof mechanism.

• Ability to develop common/in house encryption algorithms
• Ability to add various layers of security to ensure authorized access like OTP/PC/HDD/Network
• Ability to update encryption mechanism/policies from time to time
• Ability to implement common/customized security policies
• Ability to run/play/read/write data without decryption at disk level

At VCrypts Systems, we believe in creating a long-term relationship with each of our customers. We offer excellent pre sale, on site and after sales support for the products that you buy from us. Rest assured to get all the help and information that is required by you in relation to any purchase made with us.
We will be there throughout with you with our myriad of support features like free shipping, free installation and demo and customization of software, etc. to name a few.

User purchased software online from

In computer security logging in is the process by which an individual gains access to a computer system by identifying and authenticating themselves. At first time users can create an account on and then login to account, enter the user name and password.

Presently, we are serving the following business sectors.
• Photography & Multimedia
• Research & Education
• Architect & Design
• Private & Government Sector
• Advertising & Film Industry
• Software License Management system

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We provides two types highly Secure Biometric authentication-

• Fingerprint Scan
• Iris Scan

Vcrypt offers an in house encryption mechanism with security features that can be defined by the owner of the application. Many levels of authentication or security layers can be added with customization from the user’s end to ensure that data isn’t shared over an unauthorized network or by unauthorized user. Also, data are available in readable form only during runtime. Otherwise, it’s always in encrypted form.
In order to control enterprise data leakage (from within the company), eDRM (Enterprise Digital Rights Management) is the perfect solution. Vcrypt software makes use of eDRM features.

There are a four different type of package-

(A) Basic
(D) Multimedia