New Age Security Solutions for All Kinds of Business
Who We Are

VCrypt Systems, a premium company offering state of the art information security solutions is based out of India’s capital city Delhi. The company with its expert and well versed team members is leading the markets in the field of providing security to enterprises and Digital Rights Management (DRM), since 2017. It has made a name for itself by using the best of technology to offer economical and upscale security solutions for all kinds of businesses like software developers and individual companies.

What We Do

VCrypt Systems is working diligently to stop any kind of Windows Application & Data Piracy. The specialized range of products have proved as an image booster for VCrypt Systems and it is gradually gaining a place as a reputable and trusted name with its clients. In the digital age, easy accessibility to information has become a necessity and henceforth protecting data security has become a prime concern for all business houses. VCrypt Systems is working towards serving this concern only with its varied range of solutions like Protection API(s), VCrypt X-Encryptors and Software i-sec H/W Key. We help our clients with customized security programs so that you can detect and respond to any threats faster and focus more on the growth and development of your business.

Our Values

The company works on three key fundamental values which are an integral part of its foundation.


For us, our clients are at the centre of what we do. Our expert team members are trained to understand the needs of each and every customer and then take care of those needs with a diligence, passion, commitment, positivity and urgency. Our work is not just to do the bare minimum of what is required but also be with our esteemed customers at every step whenever they need us. Our customized security programs are curated to serve you in the best possible way.


We believe that technology is the biggest gift to mankind and so we work hand in hand with the latest techniques to offer you the latest security solutions. Our team is working non stop to develop new ideas and ways to implement them to the best of the client’s advantage.


At VCrypt Systems, we are continuously evolving ourselves with new ideas and innovations. We do not adhere to old practices because it is convenient. Getting out of our comfort zone so that we can reach our potential to the maximum is what we pursue. This not only serves as an incentive to our employees to perform better but it also helps us cater to our clients with some breakthrough solutions.

Our Achievements

VCrypt Systems was incorporated in the year 2017 with an objective to provide world class security solutions to the Windows users. We are proud to share with you some of the statistics which shows the company’s remarkable growth pattern since its inception. We have successfully introduced ‘Cryptography Virtual Machine’, a unique security technology. The company partnered with Feitian Technologies Pvt Ltd from Beijing, China to develop Rocket Key. We have already touched a sales target of 4000 units per year within such a short time. We introduced One Technology Concept Provide Adobe security solution systems and released CVM v2.0, CVM v5/6.0, CVM v2, 3, 4.

Our Domains

Presently, we are serving the following business sectors.

Why VCrypt

Leading company with a growing reputation in the data security sector.
A strong team of dedicated members for research and development.
Pioneer in creating an exclusive security solution for providing protection of virtual data.