Vcrypt : Next Generation Data Security Software

VCrypt an acronym for virtual Cryptology is an innovative and unique security software!!

Vcrypt an acronym for virtual Cryptology is an innovative and unique security software which uses the cryptographic technique creating a  virtual vault to secure data and application across multiple platforms using various parametric options. VSecure runs algorithm which encrypts data  in a fashion so that decryption is done virtually via sight reading ( at runtime)

Vcrypt allows enterprises/individuals/home users to implement multiple security policies on different vendor applications data. The software allows users to create chains of options to restrict the data/application as desired. The software finds its application in the following arena:

  • For own self: Secure data/application by users for their own self.
  • For Reselling: Users who want to sell the data with copyright restrictions.


  • Install and Run: Easy to use and run software with just a click.
  • Non Dependent on Application Source Code: Works directly within runtime process area, so there is no requirement of host application source code.
  • Auth Keys: Provides both hard and soft keys.
  • Creates own “Crypto Key”:  Ability to create in-house encryption mechanism & security policies making it hack proof.
  • Security with 256bits AES encryption.

VSecure is a complete holistic security suite which can bring breakthrough in the data security by providing a hack proof mechanism.

Windows application: Customize,Control & Command the software

For desktop version,the PC suite will have PC Software package for Basic/Advanced/Premium version of application.
Trial version is free for 15 days after which user needs to purchase the License for any of above mentioned version as per his need in order to continue the usage.

PC suite will comprise of following different applications to serve the purpose:
  • Encryptor tool for sending encrypted files(text/audio/video), to configure authorization keys & send the files across VCrypt server.
  • Runtime Security application to decrypt & open encrypted files received via different mediums after verifying authentication.
  • USB dongle as hardware key for secure file transfer.
  • Launcher for application settings.

This mechanism of data transfer is highly secure & free from hacking.

Once the trial period is over, End user needs to purchase the licensed version of Windows application on the basis of his requirement to continue usage of application. 3 versions of Windows application are available: Basic, Advanced & Premium.

Select License for Basic/Advanced/Premium version of VCrypt software:
  • End user needs to register himself for the first time on VCrypt website in order to access the website & download setup.
  • After logging into the website, user needs to provide below mentioned information to download required setup:
  • First of all, user needs to select the license type i.e. if he wants to download Basic, Advanced or Premium version of application. If License type=Basic, user will get limited applications as a part of package. If License type=Advanced, user will get some more applications & for License type= Premium, user will get almost all applications as a part of package.

    Basic Version: User can purchase the Basic version by paying a fixed amount as per selected package, keys etc. Basic version will include a limited set of applications with basic features. If user needs additional applications, he needs to purchase them separately adding to the cost of license for Basic version.

    Advanced Version: Advanced version will include more applications than Basic version with extra security features.

    Premium Version: Premium user needs to select no. of licenses for reselling.

  • Next, user needs to select additional application(s) apart from the applications which are part of selected package. These additional applications are Paid & rates differ on the basis of selected application type.
  • User needs to select the type of Authorization key:

    Authorization keys are access tokens generated from server & provided to client in order to access protected data for a specific duration.

    Soft key: Sender can configure-->OTP shared via email/File Open Password or PC ID of receiver for adding OAuth keys.

    Hardware key: Sender can also choose hardware key as a portable solution which can be--> PC based or Network based. Options under either category are: Normal keys/RTC(Real Time Clock).

  • User can create multiple batches to distribute encrypted files across a network/PC.
  • For Basic/Advanced version-->User can’t redistribute licenses.But if user has purchased Premium version, he can select no. of licenses for reselling.
  • Finally, after submitting all required information, user needs to make payment via anyone of the available modes of payment.
  • After purchasing a license, user can download the setup through link provided on his email ID.
Purchasing License for Basic/Advanced/Premium version of VCrypt software:

For every record, a customer ID will be generated which will be used for future reference. User can save the record & make payments later on by referring to respective Customer ID as generated. Corresponding to one Customer ID, only 1 License type can be purchased.

  • For placing the order-->User needs to verify the payment & shipping details as submitted at the time of Sign up/Registration. If required, he can update it.
  • User needs to select the required mode of Payment: Credit card/Debit card/Net Banking/Phonepe/wallet/ Credit card EMI/e-gift voucher/COD.
  • User needs to select the option for verifying the transaction with ATM pin/OTP.
  • User can place the order after successfully verifying the transaction.
Upgrade existing License:
  • If user wishes to upgrade his License from Basic to Advanced or Premium, he needs to register himself again & create another account. As, only 1 License type is linked to one Customer ID. As soon as new account is created, a customer ID is generated for same.
  • Customer ID will be visible to user once he logs into website.He can then purchase another license.
  • User can only upgrade his license from Basic to Advanced or Premium. Reverse is not true.
  • So, one user with multiple Accounts can have more than 1 license for the same system.
Reselling/Redistribution ofLicenses:
  • A user who has purchased Premium license from VCrypt website can resell or redistribute the licenses further to other customers.
  • Based on the no. of application licenses purchased by Reseller, he can further sell out those licenses to end users/customers as per requirement.
  • A Reseller will have a separate portal to redistribute the licenses which won’t be monitored by Super Admin. Super Admin won’t have a track/log of licenses resold by Reseller.
  • Reseller can advertise/ promote his product by any other channel to attract customers for purchasing the license.
  • Reseller can redistribute the licenses in following ways:
  • Through web portal : To resell Basic/Advanced versions to Registered users.
  • Through any other link: To redistribute Free license to Non registered users.
Reselling of Licenses(Basic/Advanced) to Registered users:

A customer who is interested in purchasing a license needs to follow below steps:

  • The customer needs to register himself first on the portal of Reseller by submitting details in “Sign up” form.
  • Once verification of email ID is complete, customer can access the portal of Reseller to purchase license for Basic/Advanced version. On the portal, he needs to submit below information:
  • User needs to select required License type: Basic/Advanced. User can have only 1 license linked to his Customer ID. He can’t purchase another license with same Customer ID.
  • User can select additional application(s) if required, which are Paid.
  • User needs to select the required Authorization key: Hardware/Soft key.
  • User needs to fill in other necessary details for selected License type.
  • User can create batches.
  • After submitting all information, user needs to make payment by selecting one of the available modes of payment.
  • User doesn’t need to pay for trial version incase he hasn’t selected any additional application.
  • User can download the setup from links provided on his email ID.
Redistribution of free Licenses to Non Registered users:

Reseller can also redistribute Free license to non registered users/Visitors. Under Free license, user will receive a setup for Runtime application only.User will only be able to receive encrypted file(s) & decrypt them using Runtime application & won't be able to send encrypted files.

For a Free License:
  • Base License doesn’t exist .i.e. user hasn’t purchased any type of license: Basic/Advanced/Premium.
  • Valid 2 way Authentications are:
  • OTP/File Open Password via email ID(single).
  • PC ID (single).
  • Reseller can share encrypted file(s) over any medium eg: via email ID, using any other application, uploading over a link etc.A customer who is not a registered user can download such encrypted files(Free/Paid) on his system, decrypt them via Runtime application, verify authentication by entering OTP/FOP or PC ID & finally open the file in Target application.
  • Reseller may charge for the files which are shared across required channels.