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VSecure : Next Generation Data Security Software

VSecure an acronym for virtual Cryptology is an innovative and unique security software!!

VSecure an acronym for virtual Cryptology is an innovative and unique security software which uses the cryptographic technique creating a  virtual vault to secure data and application across multiple platforms using various parametric options. VSecure runs algorithm which encrypts data  in a fashion so that decryption is done virtually via sight reading ( at runtime)

VSecure allows enterprises/individuals/home users to implement multiple security policies on different vendor applications data. The software allows users to create chains of options to restrict the data/application as desired. The software finds its application in the following arena:

  • For own self: Secure data/application by users for their own self.
  • For Reselling: Users who want to sell the data with copyright restrictions.


  • Install and Run: Easy to use and run software with just a click.
  • Non Dependent on Application Source Code: Works directly within runtime process area, so there is no requirement of host application source code.
  • Auth Keys: Provides both hard and soft keys.
  • Creates own “Crypto Key”:  Ability to create in-house encryption mechanism & security policies making it hack proof.
  • Security with 256bits AES encryption.

VSecure is a complete holistic security suite which can bring breakthrough in the data security by providing a hack proof mechanism.

Android app: Send/receive files on the go

It is intended for mobile devices having Android OS. User can send/receive encrypted files from anywhere while on the move. The app can be downloaded from Playstore. User can run the trial version of app which is free for 15 days.

  • Secure file transfer via app using end to end encryption/decryption.
  • Sender can add various layers of data security like setting up OTP, FOP to open files.
  • Only intended recipient having the app can access data files by Fingerprint/Iris verification.
  • Usage of master key to access encrypted files on local storage of device.

Once the trial period is over, End user needs to purchase the Android app & download it from Playstore. He can relish various features of app on the basis of purchased package:

Sending Encrypted files:
  • User can select files from local storage of device & encrypt it for sending across VSecure server.
  • Encryption/Decryption & all other major operations will require Fingerprint/Iris scan of Sender in case of smart phone users or inputting Master key in case of Feature phone users. This master key will be set by user during Sign up process. It's a 16 digit alpha numeric code & will be used to access “My vault” section in case app is in offline mode.
  • After encrypting the file, sender can also add various authentications like OTP,FOP as an extra layer of secure data transfer. OTP will be shared via email/Mobile number & FOP can be provided alongwith encrypted doc or via offline medium.
  • After submitting encrypted file(s), it will be shared via any third party app, kept on VSecure server & can be downloaded by authorized receiver.
  • Only intended recipient having the app can access data files after successful Fingerprint/Iris verification.
Receiving Encrypted files:
  • User needs to download encrypted file as shared via third party app on his device & save at the required location or “Move to My vault” which is a local repository for files sent/received via VSecure app.
  • Receiver will decrypt the files first by providing his fingerprint/Iris scan.
  • The decrypted file can be either moved to “My vault” or open directly in target application.
  • After successful verification of authentications(OTP/FOP) enforced by Sender, receiver can view the file in Target application.
  • The decrypted file will be available for viewing only during Runtime & will be saved on device in encrypted mode always.
  • As soon as the receiver opens the file, delivery report for same will be sent to respective Sender as a confirmation that file has been successfully decrypted & opened by intended recipient.
Saving/Moving files to “My vault”:
  • This section is like a local repository for files sent/received via VSecure app & will be hidden.
  • My vault can be accessed offline after entering Master key by user. It consists of 4 types of folder:
  • Original_Online: It will have files stored on server in original format.
  • Original_Offline: It will have stored in local storage of device in original format.
  • Encrypted_Online: It will have files stored on server in encrypted format.
  • Encrypted_Offline: It will have files stored in local storage after encryption.